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Commission Rules and TOS

Journal Entry: Sat Sep 14, 2013, 9:56 AM

Hello everyone! In this section you can find the full terms and conditions of my work. In case you are ordering any art from me, I highly recommend you to read them thoroughly and make sure you understand everything written! These rules are here to protect both me as an artist, but also you as the commissioner. If you are uncertain about anything, feel free to ask, I will explain as needed!


My main topics for drawing and those I have most proficiency are animals real and fantastical. My best works are those about dragons and horses. Currently I am working on learning human art to as good skill as others. As always, your best reference to my skills in different areas will be my gallery, so check it out and see for yourself!
  • Art you can request can be of OC or fanart alike.
  • If the art requested is a fanart, I reserve the right to make prints or use this art in other projects.
  • I do not allow for commissioner or any third party to print and sell my art as merchandise. 
  • You are commissioning the art for personal use only - if you wish to commission art for commercial use please contact me for further detail and pricing.
  • Unless specified otherwise, all of my art is done digitally in Paint Tool SAI and Adobe Photoshop.

Payment Details and Workflow

  • Payment can be done with either PayPal on my account (preferred) or through dA point system (100 points equals $1 USD due to dA point policy)
  • The prices aren't final! They vary depending on the commissioned item. Prices you see in my catalog are BASES and can be lower or higher. The final price is discussed with the commissioner before I start the commission.
  • Please make sure you have money ready to send when asked to! I can wait maximum of 2 weeks (unless given valid reason) for payment before I delete you from my commission list.
  • Payment for commission and the workflow is as followed:
    • After a note has been sent, requesting a commission, I will either accept or decline the request.
    • If the request is accepted, we will discuss the exact assignment, type and other details needed (e.g. techniques you want). Your proper and detailed description will be important. Of course you can also leave the option to let me fill in the blanks, but in that case I will need a very thorough description of your character.
    • Based on previous step, I will specify the full final price and issue an invoice. 
    • If the commission price exceeds $30, I will do a sketch first and send it to you as soon as it's ready. This sketch will contain all the important aspects, so make sure you are 100% satisfied with it. I will do any alterations to it if you find it lacking. In case of a vague description (e.g. "action pose") I will do a couple of very rough sketches of different poses and you will pick one of them which I will detail and re-send for evaluation.
    • After the approval of the sketch, I will wait for your payment. When I receive it, I will immediately start working on finishing the picture. If your commission exceeds $30 and you want to know how it's progressing, I can send you WIP's as I go.
    • If the commission price is lower than $30, I will ask for payment before I start on it. I neither send WIP's of such commissions.
    • Once the artwork is completed, I will publish it on my gallery. I will send you the link as well as the link to where you can download bigger resolution file as .png. In case of traditional commissions, we can discuss the arrangement of delivering the art itself through mail. If you do not wish your name/nickname to be published, or want the commission to be published after a certain date, please let me know in advance!

PayPal account -

Form for ordering a commission

1. PayPal e-mail address + Name as it appears in PayPal:
2. Commission Type:
a. Character (sketch | lineart | etc):
b. Shading (grayscale | gradient | cell): leave blank if only base color or less
c. Background (simple | detailed | cheat): leave blank for no background
3. Image Reference(s):
4. Name of character:
5. Personality of character:
6. Important Features: necklace, breed(s), specific items, age etc.
7. Background of choice: if your commission included a background, please describe what you are looking for, including overall mood of the piece. If your piece did not include a background, you can choose a texture or plain white background. If nothing is written here, the background will be transparent.
8. Additional Features: here you write anything else you might want regarding my style


1. PayPal e-mail address + Name as it appears in PayPal:, John Shepard
2. Commission Type: chibi
a. Character (sketch | lineart | etc):  full render
b. Shading (grayscale | gradient | cell): gradient
c. Background (simple | detailed | cheat): simple
3. Image Reference(s): [link] [link] [link]
4. Name of character: Jane Shepard
5. Personality of character: Cheerful, easygoing, likes to get into trouble, provocative
6. Important Features: two earrings on left ear, necklace with N7 logo, tattoo on neck
7. Background of choice : night scene where she shoots a collector in the face while smoking a cigar
8. Additional Features: make it as detailed as possible even as chibi

I ask you not to write overly long descriptions! Make sure you pinpoint all of the most important aspects however (if absolutely needed write more than missing something important). I will regularly go over the list as I draw your commission to consult further if I forgot something (like a shopping list)!

Additional Information

1. I do not ship hard copies of art commissions. You will receive a digital copy in jpeg/jpg file format (or .png) via email or note on DA (commissioner chooses). The only exclusions to this rule are prints, keychains, bookmarks and other goods that are of physical nature when ordered.
2. I only draw characters with image references.  Please supply references accordingly (the more the better).
3. I will not draw hate inciting pictures. No one likes hate! Unless you are a dark elf!
4. I do not do fixes, so be sure to say all your requests and crits when I send you the WIP sketch! I will not rework the whole picture after I finished it (it's technically impossible), though some minor things (e.g. white in the eye to be changed to black) I can do. Also if there is anything that absolutely has to be on the character (or it's hard to spot), please write it down in 'important features' section in the aforementioned form.  If it's not mentioned then I might forget it, so please be careful when filling the form (I will try not to forget anything but sometimes it happens!).
5. If you have any further inquiries do not hesitate to ask me! I will gladly clear up any uncertainties you may have on my work process!


  1. If I didn't begin working on your commission, I can refund you the whole price minus Paypal fees.
  2. If I already started to draw your commission, I cannot refund you the whole amount, instead I will subtract an amount depending on how much work already went into the piece:
    • If a commission is already half done, I will not return any money and the picture will be finished regardless.
    • Unfortunately, I will not return any money when you are dissatisfied with the end product either.
    • If I finish your picture, but you have ceased to communicate, OR the art was returned to me (traditional media) via mail, I will wait for three months for re-arrangements. If there are none, I have a right to keep the art and sell it.

Shipping and handling rates

If your commission consisted of traditional media artwork, you can receive the original piece. Please see the prices below:
  1. Shipping across Europe
    • ACEO, Keychains or buttons - $4
    • 5.8 x 8.3" picture or smaller - $6
    • 11.7 x 16.5" picture or smaller - unavailable
    • Bigger pictures - unavaliable
  2. Shipping worldwide
    • ACEO, Keychains or buttons - $5
    • 5.8 x 8.3" picture or smaller - $8
    • 11.7 x 16.5" picture or smaller - unavailable
    • Bigger pictures - unavailable


~ Deceptikitty

wildinfinitywolf Featured By Owner Apr 17, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
is this stil open?
TheDeceptikitty Featured By Owner May 22, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist

Apologies for the late reply! Yes, they are open. However, due to travel abroad I won't be able to start working on any art till start of next month (June), but neither will I request any payment until I am ready to work on it.

If you are still interested, however, please send me info to my mail (I am almost always online there):

Regardless, thank you very much for the interest!
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